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Knanaya people are the only real Jews who believe in Jesus, keeping endogamy from both side maternal and paternal, from the creation of the world. They are the seed and the root of the world people, the remnant of the God’s Chosen People. Because of them God is not destroying the world. Without them there is no world existence.

The mission of this church is to protect and save that real and hidden remnant knanaya young generation of God’s Own Chosen People all over the world by keeping endogamy, keep & study knanaya hereditary, strong in Jesus by praise and worship, study bible and true evangelization. Through their existence the entire world has to be protected,exist and save.

-This Church is under the name of St.Knai Thomman who is the patron of leadership.

-This name was given to this church by a revelation given by Mother Mary.

-This is an endogamous church for knanaya people under God’s own Chosen People.

-This worship center is exclusively for all the Knanaya Catholics, jacobites and all endogamous knanaya people around the world.

-It has a pastors/priests living facility with office space/counseling center

-This is a blessed place for worship. The starting/birth of this Knai Thomman Church is by a revelation given by Jesus & Mother Mary and was started on August 15th, the day of Mother Mary’s ascension. Mother Mary blessed this center by an appearance on February 11th 2018 on the 3rd day of a fasting/Thapasu retreat. 

-Every Thursday’s there is a knanaya youth prayer group joining here.

-other small prayer groups join during week days 

225 N Dover Rd, Dover Fl 33527 USA

Phone: (813)-381-7471 


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